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What is YOUR clutter?!

I have been a lot busier the last few weeks than I normally am. Life has been an absolute whirlwind of good things happening, but a whirlwind nonetheless. It’s all happening very fast, and it is taking a bit of an adjustment period! One of my most favorite things to do….


Two weeks ago, I moved into my new place, which I am beyond thrilled with. Finally unpacking all my things, and finding a place for them in our home, or purging what my family no longer needs.

We used to live in a 2,000 sq ft home, and while we got rid of some things along the way, we held onto MUCH of it thinking we would just buy another house. Things that are big, cumbersome, and really heavy even. A washer, dryer, upright freezer (we called it the beast, because my husband and I had issues moving it). Tons of little nick knacks that were from our teenage years, or early adulthood. We held onto the hope that one day we would use these things again! Maybe even need these things again. These things we had an attachment too, and just can't quite fit them in our lives anymore.

That isn't how life worked out for us, so now, we are getting rid of what no longer serves us as a family!

I am sure many of you know how exhausting that can be. Saying goodbye to things that are only getting in the way, and yet, they have been a part of your life for so long, you're not sure if you can "really live without it." It’s like giving away all your energy, love, creativity, money, and emotions to other people. For me, it can be one of the most draining things I have ever experienced in my life.

With that said, it is also uplifting, freeing, liberating, and it just downright feels good to be giving away the stuff you no longer need. Being able to give it to someone else to use right now in their life is a symbol that you have moved on in your life, learned lessons, and are ready for the new things life has to offer! You are clearing the path for new things to come. New lessons, new experiences, new energy, and new emotions.

Life has a tendency to have it’s own ebb and flow, much like the tide in the ocean. At times, everything floods in, and it seems like everything is changing or shifting in some way. Our opportunity to shift, change, and learn your lessons is found in this time.

Then there are other times where things seem good, everything is perfect and things just seem steady. You are able to flow peacefully and perfectly in every way. It’s in this time where it’s our duty to apply what lessons the universe has taught us, and really apply the lessons were learned.

Neither cycle lasts forever.

This is my turbulence. Right now, everything is changing. My work place, my living place, my daughter, and every other aspect of my life. It feels like nothing is staying the same with this move, and I am riding this out, soaking it all in, and applying the lessons where I can, and when I can. I am beyond excited to see where this takes my family and I!

It can be a scary thing sometimes, even terrifying. Just remember, slow down, breathe, learn the lessons, and get rid of your clutter. Live your life to the fullest, in this moment, and never “hope” you get somewhere you want to go.

Where are you holding on to things you don’t need anymore? Is it in daily habits, your emotions towards something in particular, thought patterns, or possibly even clutter in the home? Have you done a “purging” of those things recently? How did that feel for you?

Comment below!

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